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"All You Have To Do Is Show Up And Run"


Run 169 Towns Society, is a group of runners formed by individuals who aspire to run a race in every town in the State of Connecticut.

Realizing that racing successfully in every Connecticut town may be a lifetime accomplishment, provided below are a set of definitions to recognize and validate runners’ attempts to achieve this goal. Ultimately, it is the runner, not the Society, which determines the obtainment of this achievement.

Run 169 Towns Society Definitions and Challenges:

Towns – Connecticut has 169 towns. Any boroughs are also considered towns for the purposes of this challenge. Villages are not seen as towns.

Official Race – An official race should be no less than 1 mile and will count for the town in which the start line is located. Races included for this challenge should be timed by the Race Director with the results posted in a public forum.  There are no restrictions on indoor/outdoor events, invitational (in regard to HS athletic events specifically that are at least 1 mile in distance), early/late start, or group benefitting from the funds of the race. Members who complete a running portion as part of a multisport event (triathlon, duathlon, obstacle race, etc.) may receive credit in which the event was held. Those who choose to run a relay as part of a team may also earn credit for the town in which the event starts. Events where the run portion of the race is on a treadmill do not qualify. 

Race Participant – To earn credit for a town, the runner should meet the criteria for race registration and their entry reflected on the official race results. Participants who become injured during the event and are unable to complete the race distance can earn town credit if he/she completes at least half of the race distance. 

Submission of Towns for Credit – Race participants are welcome to submit towns for credit through the Run 169 Towns Society website. A submission of towns is not required but preferred. Races completed before joining Run 169 are eligible for credit. If a King/Queen/Majesty would like to repeat the challenge, credit of towns will consist of official races completed after the 169th town of the first round of the challenge.

Completion of Challenge: Individuals who complete an official race in all 169 towns will be considered Kings/Queens/Majesty. Those who have completed an official race in all 169 towns multiple times will be recognized as a “double crown, triple crown, etc” King/Queen/Majesty. Special recognition is also given to non-human runners if applicable. Additional challenges maybe to offered to group members. Members are encouraged to celebrate all milestones. Members who self-identify as completing a milestone are welcome to purchase any commemorative items on a personal basis to signify their accomplishments.

Vested Members – Individuals who have been in the Society for at least six months and have completed 85 or more towns. Vested members are seen as leaders in the Society and should remain in good standing.

Emeritus Status - Members of the group who are unable, or no longer wish, to engage in Society activities are designated as "Emeritus”. These include the founding individuals of the Society as of 02/13/2020 per their request.