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Run 169 Towns Society

Below is a spreadsheet and a dashboard with races which are believed to be 169-eligible.  To be eligible, the race must be outdoors, be timed, and have results posted publicly (website, Facebook, newspaper, etc.).  While runners may be reasonably assured that the information provided is correct, we can not wholly assure that it is so.  Please verify race information with race directors if you believe something is incorrect prior to registration. Please refer to the "Key" tab in red at the bottom of the spreadsheets for formatting details. Please read the rules on the Home Page to see if race counts toward Run 169 Towns.

 Google Sheets Colors:

1. Key: Green = newly added or updated    

2. Orange = Listing incomplete (i.e. registration link, time, etc.)   

3. Red = Cancelled                                                             

4. Elusive = E means elusive town (0-1 race the previous year) and SE means semi-elusive (1 race and 1 multi-sport event the previous year)​​